Spring 2019 E-Week

Hey CSULB engineers, AESB is planning to have a special week long event called Engineering Week or what is commonly known as E-Week. At this event, we will be showcasing what the club organizations of the college of engineering has to offer to all of its students. The event is set on the 2nd week of April and we hope that everyone can come out and experience what we have to offer

Here is how the schedule of the E-week event will be.

for Monday through Thursday, we will be having 3 slots for engineering clubs to present: 11AM-1PM, 2 PM- 4PM, and 5PM+. AESB also will be hosting the opening and closing ceremonies of this week long event and a cardboard boat event that we hope that everyone can take part in. And on Monday 5 PM, as an effort to support minority group on campus, we will featuring our version of Diversity Day alongside NSBE, MAES, and SASE to host an EXPO to present the many facets of their ethnic background in order to promote public awareness

for CSULB engineering clubs, the links to sign up for E-week is place down below



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