AESB is back online!!

hello csulb orgs. you have probably noticed that the aesb website has been facing some technical difficulties and we had to temporarily shut it down. fortunately, the website has finally been fixed and we were able to reopen the website for public usage. it still stands however that there are still some student organizations that have failed to update their forms and contact information. the information is still needed and we would like to insist that all organizations complete their tasks as soon as possible. thank you and have a wonderful day

2018 Fall Semester Update

Greetings everyone. Unlike the previous semester, there is now a new administrator for the CSULB AESB website. While I am new to this position, you should expect regular updates to this website. The first step of these updates will involve updating every club’s info such as their mission, their own personal website, the description of their officers, and other relevant information. I hope that all clubs will take this step so that all viewers can obtain accurate information about their chosen club. Good luck everyone and I hope that everyone has a great fall semester.

i have noticed that there was trouble with the link so now it is fixed and available to be edited now

This is the link for the update of the google document