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Mission: ACM’s mission is to advance the science and application of information technology by providing students with real world information through guest speakers, workshops, seminars, projects, and other activities. Information about job trends, internships, and scholarships is always updated to help students take a stand in their future career.

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Chair Ryan Cole
Vice Chair Matt Chu
Treasurer David Taitinfong
Secretary Kenny Do
AESB Rep Alfredo Vargas
Event Coordinator Elizabeth Him

Association for Computing Machinery for Women in Computing

Mission: to celebrate, inform and support women in computing, and work with the ACM-W community of computer scientists, educators, employers and policy makers to improve working and learning environments for women. This includes promoting activities that result in more equal representation of women in CS such as mentoring or role modeling; monitoring the status of women in industrial and academic computing through the gathering of statistics; providing historical information about women’s accomplishments and roles in CS; and serving as a repository of information about programs, documents and policies of concern to women in CS.

Through international and local activities and chapters, educational outreach, recognition of leading women in CS, cooperation with other organizations, and the dissemination of information via newsletters, blogs, and reports, ACM-W promotes the growth and development of women seeking to attain careers in computing.

Description: to celebrate the contributions of women in computing, ACM-W encourages nomination of prominent women for ACM’s Advanced Member Grades (such as Distinguished Member and Fellow) and Awards; bestows the prestigious Athena Lecturer Award chosen by an ACM Special Interest Group (SIG); collects oral histories; and profiles leaders in the ACM-W CIS (Celebrate, Inform and Support) e-Newsletter and News Blog.

Increasing the visibility of “Women of Distinction” and promoting them as role models is essential to encouraging young women to study and pursue careers in computing. Recognizing women, like the ones featured on our home page, helps focus our members and the world at large on their contributions to our exciting and rich field.