American Society of Heating, Refrigeration, and Air-Conditioning

Currently in development. Expect future updates!


At the moment, currently scheduling:

  • industry tours
  • talks with real professions
  • forging industry connections
  • developing internships
  • developing senior design projects
  • STEAM outreach program collaboration program with other AESB organizations


Officer list:

President: Justin McGregor
Duties: Represent the CSULB chapter of ASHRAE. Mediate meetings. Dissemenate knowledge of ASHRAE and HVAC to CSULB. Schedule industry tours and talks. Forge industry connections. Develop internship programs & design projects with companies.

Internal Vice President: Michael Tewasart
Duties: Manage internal club affairs & communications between club & student body. Assist the President and assume the position upon necessity. Help the president with scheduling tours, talks, forging industry connections, & developing internships and design projects.

External President: Mason Ung
Duties: In change of dealing external affairs. Mainly following up with professionals.

Secretary: Jeremiah Valera
Duties: In charge of releasing information/newsletters. Record the meetings.

Treasurer: Dario Mercado
Duties: In charge of finances of the club.

Events & Media Coordinator: Mario Panfilo
Duties: Create & Organize Activities. Updates social media networks.
Contact: ???

Positions available:
Public Relations Chair:
Duties: Reach out to student body
General Officers:
: Jack of all trades-help all the other officers