After several years of Eweek being absent from the university this year the AESB board has been hard at work to bring it back so that future students can enjoy it as previous students had. This year, E-week will take place over 4 days starting on April 22-25th. Over the course of the week we will feature 3 events per day hosted by different COE organizations. These events will take place in the morning, afternoon, and evening.

AESB will be hosting the first event and closing ceremony of this week long event. Some of the events featured in Eweek this year include the return of a cardboard boat race hosted by ASCE and AESB and the first student centered Engineering expo which takes place on monday night during the Diversity in Engineering event hosted by alongside NSBE, MAES, and SASE. We hope that this year will inspire orgs to restart the tradition and continue it for years to come. Go Beach!

A rough Calendar for each event can be found here. Be sure to check back as it will be updated with exact times and locations as Eweek gets closer!

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Monday TuesdayWednesdayThursday
Opening CeremonyAESBProsthetic Hand GamesHosted by EMBSCardboard Boat RaceHosted by ASCEYeet-A-ThonHosted by ASME
The Slow Bike RaceHosted by ITEBasketball TournamentHosted by EMBSSuper Smash Bro TournamentHosted by ACMJeopardyHosted by SHPE
Engineering ExpoHosted by Shoot Your ShotHosted by AIAAMr and Mrs Engineer PageantHosted by SWEClosing Ceremony Hosted by AESB

Break Down Of Events

E-Week scavenger hunt- click the link below for directions
E – Week Scavenger Hunt 

Opening Ceremony

To start off the week AESB will host a short set of games each with a respective winner. These will include a 3 legged race, water balloon toss, and a game of target practice where teams will have to throw a bean bag from a fixed point and try landing within a certain area. This event will also be the beginning of the AESB scavenger hunt which will have a new hint revealed each day of Eweek with the winner revealed at the closing ceremony.

location: outpost lawn
time: 11AM-1PM 4/22/19

AIAA 1st place – 4 points
Eat 2nd place – 3 points
Makers 3rd place – 2 points

Slow Bike Race

In this fun twist on traditional races, teams will be pitted against each other in a race where the slowest rider wins. Rules work the same as a standard race only the last to cross the finish line wins. Falling or having to put your foot down for balance results in a loss forcing teams to be constantly moving and trying to stay balanced.

location: TBD
time: 2-4PM 4/22/19
updates: cancelled

Expo/Diversity in Engineering

This large scale event is to celebrate the constantly growing diversity within engineering and will feature a variety of games and challenges for students to participate in. There will also be guest speakers such as the dean himself. This event will alsofeature the Student Technical Expo where individual students and student organizations will be able to display and demonstrate their different projects made throughout the year.

location: USU ballrooms
time: 6-9PM 4/22/19

Prosthetic Hand Games

In this event, competitors will be using a 3D printed prosthetic hand to complete a series of games. First game: cereal-eating contest using only the prosthetic hand to hold the spoon. Second game: typing race using only the prosthetic hand. Third game: ball toss using prosthetic hand through rings with rings getting smaller. The team with the best overall performance will be declared the winner!

location: TBD
time: 11AM-1PM 4/23/19
updates: cancelled

BasketBall Tournament

As straightforward as it gets! Two 3-person teams will be pitted against each other and the first team to score 11 points wins! Participants should come in athletic gear and ready to play!

location: TBD
time: 2-4PM 4/23/19
updates: cancelled

Shoot your Shot

In this game Participants will be building a paper airplane designed for accuracy. There will be 3 hoops set up at different distances all with different values. The team with the most points after 3 attempts wins!

Location: Courtyard of ET building
time: 5-7PM 4/23/19

aiaa 1st place
eat 2nd place
Makers 3rd place

Cardboard Boat race

In this classic Eweek challenge different teams will come with their own custom made boats built with only cardboard and duct tape! Depending on the number of teams there will be several rounds of races, or just a single race where boats will need to complete a full lap around the pool. This event will be held in the pool at the REC.

Location: Pool at SRWC
time: 11AM-1PM 4/24/19

makers 1st place

Super Smash Bros Tournament

In this event teams will compete against each other in a tournament style competition in Super Smash Bros on the nintendo switch.

location: En3 110
time: 2-4PM 4/24/19

ACM 1st place
SHPE 2nd place
ASCE 3rd place

Mr and Mrs Engineer Pageant

Another classic Eweek Event, This event is meant for students to show off their many talents alongside sharing their engineering knowledge and experiences. Two contestants will win the title of Mr. and Ms. Engineer. This pageant will be judged based on an engineering Q&A, a talent portion, and event attire. There will be a panel of 3 professors/professionals to judge the competition. All participants should come in professional/respective attire to demonstrate their talents!

location: TBD
time: 5PM+ 4/24/19
updates: cancelled


In this event hosted by ASME teams will be building gliders out of provided materials designed for maximum distance. Whoever yeets their gliders the farthest wins the challenge!

location: outpost lawn
time: 11AM-1PM 4/25/19

EAT 1st place
ASME 2nd place
makers 3rd place


Just like in the show various teams will be pitted against each other with fun and engineering related trivia. Team with the most points at the end wins.

location: En3 110
time: 2-4PM 4/25/19

SHPE 1st place
makers 2nd place
EAT 3rd place

Closing Ceremony

This final event hosted by aesb will be a large scale social event to round out the weeks activities features games and other things. During this the aesb board will tally up final points and announce the winning organization of this years Eweek. The winning team will be presented with the ceremonial Golden Wrench and will enjoy bragging rights until the next year.

location: VEC 514
time: 5PM+ 4/25/19