Hey CSULB students, AESB is responsible for hosting an annual engineering week event known as E-week presenting the many student organization within the college of engineering. This event provides the ability for engineering student club organizations to showcase what they have to offer to all of its students. This is a great opportunity for any CSULB engineering student to get an impression of what is there in get involved with on campus.

some of the qualities that makes this event unique is the competition for the Golden Wrench. Golden Wrench history

All clubs is allocated 1 representative to take part in the competition. There are 2 categories of activities within the competition to gain points – general and Elympic events. For general events, the attendee gains only 1 point for attending the event. For Elympic events, the you have the potential of gaining 4 points for getting 1st place in the event, and consecutively gains less points the lower you go in the scoreboard. you still get 1 point for participation of the event. During E-week, there will be a campus competition for the award known as the golden wrench. every club will be competing for the golden wrench since it is a symbol representing the peak success of a renowned club over the rest. A club gets more points in this competition by the overall success of their club activity during E-week, factoring in criteria such as