Experimental Sounding Rocket Association

Mission: to further the knowledge base of the student body by conducting research and constructing experimental sounding rockets.  Students will assimilate engineering theory learned in the classroom with hands-on engineering experience of design, fabrication and testing of rockets.

ESRA’s “Gold Rush I” and “Gold Rush II” rockets utilize a legacy of rocket structural and construction techniques from CSULB’s CALVEIN.  In addition, ESRA’s rockets employ custom innovation and design in their payload system (on-board cameras), recovery system, trajectory simulation and other engineering analyses.

ESRA has competed in the Intercollegiate Rocket Engineering Competition (IREC) for the past two years. Both of those years, ESRA was successful in the IREC competitions.

In 2009, ESRA participated in their first IREC competition.  With self motivation, hard work and local support, the team won 1st place in the 10,000 feet category.  They placed ahead of other tough and experienced competitors from universities across the nation.

In 2010 competition, ESRA carried on with their due diligence, hard work and engineering practice.  Against great competition, the team brought home the Furfaro award for Technical Excellence. In this competition, CSULB’s rocket reached 9,844 feet (closest team to hit the 10,000 feet target altitude).

In 2011’s IREC competition, ESRA plans on competing in the 10,000 feet category and the 25,000 feet category.  This means revised aerodynamics, structural design, a custom launch rail, new payload ideas and much more!

ESRA would like to invite students of all majors and engineering disciplines to join and experience the fun fields of rockets and rocket engineering.


Position Name Preferred Email
President Osiel Ramirez Garcia osiel_rmrz@yahoo.com
Vice President Jonathan Medrano jonathan19940@yahoo.com
Treasurer Xavier Martinez xpumar94@gmail.com
Secretary Thahn Troc truclee126@gmail.com
Webmaster Iliana Galicia ilianagalicia@gmail.com
AESB Representative Iliana Galicia ilianagalicia@gmail.com