Institute of Transportation Engineers

Mission: to expose our students to the many different fields and opportunities of Transportation Engineering.  ITE is the answer to helping you attain the contacts, knowledge, career development and personal growth needed for success in the transportation industry.  ITE is a Civil Engineering club that focuses mostly on the traffic and transportation aspects of engineering.

Ever wonder why there is traffic on the freeways?
Ever wonder what those cameras are when you drive down the street?
Ever wonder how the airports work?
Ever wonder how the cargo ships arrive at a port and how these shipments get to the rest of the country?
Ever wonder how ‘they’ decide how public transportation works?

If any (or all) of the above, then come to ITE to get those questions answered.  We are dedicated to finding answers and solutions to the existing transportation system or planning a transportation system for the future.

Main email:

Position Name Email
President JP Ziegler
Vice President Annie Nguyen
Secretary Marionne Lapitan
Treasurer Gaby Hernandez