Society of Hispanic Professional Enginers

Mission: to providing professional, educational and cultural support in the community and promotes educational development programs that support the advancement of its members.

  1. Increase the number of Hispanics entering the fields of engineering, mathematics, physical and computer science, and other technical fields. These goals are be implemented by:
    1. School visitations
    2. Hispanic community involvement
    3. Workshops at local institutions
    4. Establish local student chapters at Community Colleges and High Schools in the Long Beach and surrounding communities.
  2. Develop programs that promote the advancement of Hispanic engineers and scientists in employment and education. These goals are implemented by:
    1. Career/employment workshops
    2. Technical seminars and symposiums
  3. Develop programs benefiting Hispanics seeking careers in engineering or technical fields. These goals are implemented by:
    1. Scholarships programs
    2. Recruitment Programs
    3. Tutoring programs
    4. Curriculum assistance
  4. Provide a forum for and to encourage (1) the exchange of technical information, (2) professional development, and (3) entrepreneurial opportunities.
  5. Inform the general public of technical contributions and achievements of Hispanics by newsletters and awards programs.