Society of Robotics and Computing Technology

The Micro Mouse is an extensive joint project between many of the engineering fields, including Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering.


What’s involved in developing a Micro Mouse?

A Lot! The Micro Mouse goes through several stages of development.

Before any development can take place, we must research out all the different components that will go into our Micro Mouse. Most of our research was done through the web. Another good source of information are the competitions themselves. Much can be learned by questioning other teams about issues they experienced while developing their Micro Mouse.

After doing research, issues such as chassis design, wheel layout, and sensor placement are to be decided. This is perhaps the most critical design phase, which will affect the rest of the project. Often, the sensors must be repositioned after finding limitations with the current layout.

After building a chassis, the micro controller is wired up to all the sensors and the motors. Software routines are designed to control the motors and read from the various sensors.

Finally, the maze solving algorithms are developed to search out the maze, and then find the fastest route to the center.


We have a Perfect Mouse! Right?

Wrong, there is always room for improvement. The Micro Mouse project is meant to be a continuous project that progresses from year to year.