Society of Women Engineers

Mission: to promote women in engineering fields through career development, leadership training, and outreach to elementary, middle, and high school students. The CSULB Chapter is a collegiate chapter of the National Society of Women Engineers http://www.swe.org

SWE hosts weekly meetings, featuring guest speakers, professional development workshops, and leadership workshops. Additionally, SWE hosts social and outreach events. Every semester SWE co-sponsors Women Engineers at the Beach day, a national award winning outreach event.

For more information please visit the CSULB SWE Website at http://www.csulbswe.org or email info@aesb.org

Officer Domain Email: officers@csulbswe.org

Officer Position Name SWE Officer Email
Presidents Stephanie Avendano president@csulbswe.org
Vice President Khanh Nguyen vicepresident@csulbswe.org
Secretary Alexandra Reed secretary@csulbswe.org
Treasurer Po Pwint Phyu Thin treasurer@csulbswe.org
Outreach Chair Ingrid Cabuto outreach@csulbswe.org
Industry Chair Rebecca Tarmidi industry@csulbswe.org
Project Manager Emily Sanders project.manager@csulbswe.org
Involvement Chair Samantha Ruano involvement@csulbswe.org
Membership Chair Nick Hernandez membership@csulbswe.org
Fundraising Chair Loren dela Rosa fundraising@csulbswe.org
Publicity Chair Hae-Lee Kim publicity@csulbswe.org
Historian Victor Tran historian@csulbswe.org
Webmaster Kareena Chan webmaster@csulbswe.org
AESB Representative Tina Hayati aesb.rep@csulbswe.org